If you want to improve your running, benefit from the positive running group dynamic, and the encouragement of like-minded people....Then DSD Meet & Train is for You.

We cater for all running levels.  In the group we have people running 10km between 37- 65mins. We have 90 or so runners involved and we promise you will fit in and feel welcome. Plus there’s a great social bond in the group too.  If you’re over 18’s and under 100. ....

Then DSD Meet & Train is for You.

 We’d be delighted to welcome you along to any of our Sunday morning runs in Marlay Park to get a feel first hand for what we’re about. 

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If you want to improve your running, benefit from the positive running group dynamic, and encouragement of like-minded people. Then DSD Meet & Train is for You.


There are 4 Meet & Train sessions each week. We meet :

  • Tuesday & Thursday 6pm - Out Running by 6.25pm. (April – Sept: in Marlay Park) & (Oct-March: Balinteer Community School, BCS)
  • Saturday & Sunday 10.30am. (ALL YEAR in Marlay Park)
    There are no rules about how many sessions you must attend and all are welcome to attend whenever they can. However the more you attend the more benefit you’ll get.


Marlay Park [Locate with Google Maps]

Balinteer Community School (BCS) [Locate with Google Maps]


If you want to improve your running habits, get bored running alone, it’s easier and much more fun to train with a group.


We train to improve our fitness and for events like the Women’s Mini Marathon, Parkrun, BHAA Races, Connemarathon, Dublin Race Series, Dublin City Marathon and various 10kms around the country during the running season.  There’s a great buzz from targeting a race and inspiring each other to achieve your personal running goal. A big contingent from the group ran the Women’s Mini-Marathon last year while over 20 ran the Dublin City Half-Marathon.


Types of runs include: Easy, Steady, Tempo, Fartlek, Interval & Recovery sessions. We always always Warm-Up and Cool Down.  We have occasional free seminars on nutrition, track running, while circuit training & stretching all form part of our program.


Run with people of your own ability and level. Novice, Intermediates, Experienced runners and coaches, experienced, NOT ELITE.  Gain knowledge from those who’ve done it all before and train with us and have fun doing so.


You will reduce your injuries, by training with us, because we warm-up, stretch & strengthen.


DSD Adult Meet & Train Club membership annual fee can be as low as €70 per year. (The year runs from October to September)

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Join Us

If you’d like to try it out first then you are welcome to join in with us any Sunday morning in Marlay at 10.30am. We meet beside the Tennis courts. (To take part in all other sessions you must be a member) 

Our other detail pages, in the Main Menu, give a bit more insight into the Meet & Train Group. After you've read these we’d be delighted to answer any addditional questions you may have - contact details can be found on the website Contact page.


Coaching in Adult Meet & Train

Our Adult Meet & Train coaches are Declan Ryan and Denise O'Mahony, both Athletics Ireland qualified coaches. 

Declan was a juvenile member of the club back in the 1980’s, then took a little break from running for 18 years, and started back running in 2005.Since then he’s run various 10km, ½ Marathons & Full Marathons. He’s made all the mistakes while running at these distances and is most happy to share his experiences. He is a Level II Athletics Ireland Endurance running coach. 

Declan believes as adult runners we can have 2, maximum 3, training peeks per year, and works loosely around the Lydiard method. He will be happy to work on training programs with anybody who is attending training regularly (3+ times per week). 

There are no rules about how many sessions you must attend and all are welcome to attend whenever they can.  By running with the Group, you will also learn from each other about running based on experience and share with others who want to learn. This will help you train with confidence having spent the time learning about your body and how it responds to various training levels.

"I will always listen to my coaches. But first I listen to my body. If what they tell me suits my body, great. If my body doesn’t feel good with what they say, then always my body comes first" - Haile Gebreselassie.

Any runner who wants to run and improve steadily over the years will also be supported to do so. Probably the bed rock of Adult running is stretching & strengthening, while we all hate putting time into it, without it our body gets injured especially as we age. Our group starts each session with everybody together, every level, we all settle into our own rhythm from there. In this way it’s easier for new people joining the group to settle into a group / position they are comfortable with. 

Declan is also the brains behind the Marlay parkrun Warm-Up and if you ever want to find out more about DSD Meet & Train Group you can also ask any of the warm-up team at Marlay parkrun.

Declan and Denise our Adult Meet & Train Coaches would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. Declan can be contacted via the website's Contacts page.