Dundrum South Dublin Athletic Club takes this subject very seriously - with the large number of children who train and compete with us, we have to.

DSD AC is fully committed to ensuring that young people are safeguarded in their participation in athletics. Early experiences of young athletes in our sport need to be positive and enjoyable, irrespective of their ability, gender, social or ethnic background.

We follow best practice in Child Welfare, and fully adhere to Athletics Ireland's recommended processes in this area. To maintain an open and transparent approach we have adopted the AAI's policies, codes of conduct, and guidelines as our own, only customising them in order to make them club specific to ourselves.

DSD AC would like to acknowledge the contribution of Athletics Ireland. The material on this page (including most text, links, and graphics) is taken from the AAI website. The AAI material is available at the AAI website's Child Welfare page which can be found HERE.

The Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children in Athletics is available HERE

Below are the DSD documents that inform our policies around Child Welfare, Bullying and codes of conduct for al our members;

DSD Child Protection

DSD Bullying Policy

Coaches, Officials and Volunteers Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians

Guidelines for Children

Training Guidelines for Children

These are guidelines on safe amounts of training for children put together by Mary Gowing, one of DSD AC's lead coaches and a qualified physiotherapist. This was reviewed by all the coaches and it has been agreed to circulate this to all the parents at training. It is here for reference by any adult/parent with an interest in children's training.

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