Age Category Event Date Venue Entry Deadline
Even Ages Sunday 21st October Abbotstown Saturday 13th October
Uneven Ages Sunday 4th November Santry Demesne TBC


EVEN AGES Age Group Year of Birth
U10 2009
U12 2007
U14 2005
U16 2003
U18 2001

UNEVEN AGES Age Group Year of Birth
U9 2011 & 2010
U11 2008
U13 2006
U15 2004
U17 2002
U19 2000

Note for entrants: Entries will only be accepted from registered members; please ensure your child is registered with the club for 2018/2019. If you’re not registered, you will not be entered. Please note the entry deadline; entries after that date will not be accepted.

Important Note to Parents: The Dublin Athletics Board require each club to put forward volunteers to help officiate each day. For this reason, it is now a condition of your child's entry that a parent of each athlete will be required to give at least one hour of their time to officiate at these championships. Unless we provide officials, we run the risk of our athletes being excluded from the competition. Please give your name below and indicate your preferred day (Even Age Day or Uneven Age Day). In the past, our officiating at competitions was, at best, inconsistent, however, with your help, DSD provided a strong representation of officials at the recent T&F/Indoor championships. We hope to continue this momentum and would appreciate if those that were unable to officiate at previous championships step up now and put themselves forward for these championships. Please note entries consistently submitted without parent volunteers will be subject to review by the Athletics Committee and may result in the entry not being accepted. Please therefore enter details below for volunteering.

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