Masters athletics has two distinct sections; a Sprint group consisting of track and field disciplines up to and including 400m and an Endurance group which caters for all middle & long distance training & racing over 800m.  A person becomes a Master on their 35th birthday. In Dublin & National competition there are grouped individual age categories in each sex, those being 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 etc.

There are many members who begin or rekindle their interest in athletics in their late 20s or early 30s, for these people there are plenty of competitions at Novice & Intermediate level which the club enters teams and individuals. These provide competition level just below Senior class which many find a great way to develop into ongoing improvement. In your late 20s early 30s you are in an ideal position to spend a number of years developing your talent to enter Masters at age 35 as a seasoned campaigner with many years training behind you. We find these athletes can over time achieve national level success which they revel in at Master events.

Masters Endurance

Endurance training sessions will be in line with the clubs Adult Meet & Train group (M&T). In the M&T group you will find a regular training program incorporating speedwork, tempo and long distance training. You will be most welcome to take part in these sessions and train with suitable training partners that are all important to anyone hoping to improve and be competitive. Tuesday & Thursday 6pm (BCS winter, Marlay summer), Saturday 11am, Sunday 10.30am (Marlay Park Tennis courts).


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Masters Sprint Group

This group trains with our Track & Field Senior group and their training times and can be seen on the Training page of this site. They host strength and conditioning sessions and train alongside other club groups for their specialist events. Maybe you used to be a sprinter in school, but have been playing different sports in the intervening years? Maybe you would like to learn how to throw or jump? You will be most welcome!

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2020 Goal!!!!
DSDAC has announced its intention to call to action all current, future and former members DSDAC Masters members, and asks them to join the club in achieving a new team objective. 

The Goal: Before the year 2020, DSDAC Endurance Masters will win Team Gold at National Level.

The first team to achieve this will take their place in DSDAC history and have a framed team photo placed on the walls of the new clubhouse in St. Thomas. 


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