Masters Endurance is focused on both Dublin & National Championships at Cross Country, Road Relays, 10km, Half Marathon & Marathon. Endurance running in DSDAC has been the bedrock of the club, with many Dublin, National & International champions from the ranks of its members over the years. Since the clubs inception in the 1970s it has produced many fine athletes in that time, now we find there is a growing interest in the Masters endurance section with former juvenile & senior athletes returning to the club as masters. The club now provides a path & platform for former athletes and indeed those new to the club who wish to proceed on a competitive basis in endurance running. Masters are provided a training group with whom to train with in a structured manner. 


Combined Entry to a race
Many races can have a combined entry, meaning that they can act as a race open to the general public as well as a Dublin or National level competition for athletics club members. For example: If you had entered the Rock & Roll Half Marathon on the August bank holiday Monday in 2013 and you had a very successful run as a 37 year old man, you might have won a masters prize if you were a club member, as this race was also acting as the National Half Marathon for Athletics Ireland.

"As a kid I did cross country in DSD, as a teenager I got distracted, really distracted! In my 40s, I rediscovered the mummy/daddy version, it's called Masters." Annette Kehoe.

Competitive Masters Endurance Training Group
Training sessions will be in line with the clubs Adult Meet & Train group (M&T) where athletes are running up to a level of sub 34min 10km. (If you're below this time you need to train with the Senior Endurance group) In the M&T group you will find a regular training program incorporating speedwork, tempo and long distance training. You will be most welcome to take part in these sessions and train with suitable training partners that are all important to anyone hoping to improve and be competitive. Tuesday & Thursday 6pm (BCS winter, Marlay summer), Saturday 11am, Sunday 10.30am (Marlay Park Tennis courts).

"DSD now has a path from Couch to 5km, Adult Meet & Train all the way to competitive Masters, now that's a solid Endurance path with over 300 members at these various levels. Get on the path!!!" Declan Ryan.

Masters Endurance Team Competition
As a member of the DSD Masters Endurance group you will be expected to make yourself available for team selection in the Dublin & National Masters Cross Country Championships, Dublin & National Masters 5km & 10km Championships, Dublin & National Masters Road Relay Championships, Dublin & National Masters ½ Marathon Championships, Dublin & National Marathon Championships. Where enough athletes are not available to fill a club team for a particular race, athletes will be advised that the club will not be putting a team forward into the race. Athletes are then free to enter these races and race on an individual basis paying the appropriate race entry fee where applicable.

"When it comes to ageing, I always think of Dylan Thomas, 'rage, rage against the dying of the light', burn out rather than fade out, so why not still compete" Noel Berkeley.

Masters Endurance Team Selections
As with all competitive athletics the best available teams will be selected to represent the club in competition regardless of age category. Once a team selection call goes out, you will be asked to announce your interest by providing your "current" 5km time form, i.e. the current time which you would expect to race 5km. This along with observed performances at training sessions will aid the coaches in selecting the best team for the club to put forward into competition. If any athlete selected does not perform as they have previously indicated on two or more occasions, they will forfeit future selections until they are observed posting similar to announced times in Marlay parkrun being registered as a DSD athlete at this event. This criterion is announced to make it abundantly clear that the club will strive to ensure fairness in selection and avoid any confusion on how the selection process will operate. It is necessary to provide this clear path to selection, as athletes may find themselves unable to train with the club at club training sessions. This process ensures that all athletes have a fair chance of being selected on club teams with clear rules for selection. The clubs coaches' decisions on team's selections are final.

"Delighted to be back running and competing with the DSD at Masters level, I am enjoying training and competing more than ever!" Stephen Judge

Masters Endurance Individual Races
There are hosts of other races which are open to club members individually during the annual racing calendar, these include: Indoors, Outdoor Track meets, Track Graded meets, Track Dublin's & Nationals etc. Masters members are wholeheartedly encouraged to participate in these events particularly during the summer months. There are also many road races during the summer months that have Masters prise categories. 

2020 Goal!!!!
DSDAC has announced its intention to put the call out to all current, future and former members DSDAC Endurance Masters members, and calls upon them to join the club in achieving a new team objective. 

The Goal: Before the year 2020, DSDAC Endurance Masters will win Team Gold at National Level.

The first team to achieve this will take their place in DSDAC history and have a framed team photo placed on the walls of the new clubhouse in St. Thomas. 

"Do I get enjoyment from beating athletes half my age, hmmm (smiling), what makes you think that" DSD Anon!!!