As regards going from Walking to Running, this really depends on your current level of fitness and BMI (Body Mass Index) . Initially we would advise you to start easy. Have a look at this calculator and if you've a BMI over 25 then you need to really take your time getting into it. If you're under then you can start easy and just run a little each day or every other day. Run at a speed that you could talk easily enough as you're running. 

For the 1st few weeks it will feel like you're not getting anywhere and you should feel like you're running too slow, this is the correct way to do it, if you're out of breath when you finish and it takes you a few minutes to recover your breath then you're running too fast and you will get injured.

Try to get up to a few miles without stopping over the next number. of weeks.

We "suggest" that to get the most benefit from the Meet & Train group that you are able to run 3 miles before starting with the group. This is not a rule just a suggestion because we find that people who come up without being able to run at all get very intimidated by every body else going off on the run and getting left behind very early. 

We will be commencing training for the Women's Mini Marathon in Early April (Men & Women welcome), so we might suggest that you get in touch now and then start out on running easy until the end of March then come and join with us for the training sessions for the Women's Mini Marathon and let the WMM be a target for you to June. (Gents we’ll give you a target of a similar 10km race around that time.)

If you'd prefer to just get straight into it and don't mind being left on your own once we start running then feel free to come along to the club. You can get a lot out of being involved with the group by chatting and stretching before and after running. It really motivates.