National Juvenile Even Age XC Championships

For those that qualified, the Inter Club / County and Juvenile Even Age Cross Country National Championships are on Sunday November 27th in Abbottstown.



Event     Distance                    Start Time
GIRLS U12        2,000m                                11.30
BOYS U12         2,000m                                11.43
GIRLS U14        3,000m                                 11.55
BOYS U14         3,000m                                12.10
GIRLS U16        4,000m                                12.25
BOYS U16         4,000m                                12.43

GIRLS U18 & JUNIOR WOMEN 4,000m              13.00
BOYS U18 & JUNIOR MEN         6,000m             13.20
SENIOR WOMEN & U23            8,000m              13.45
SENIOR MEN & U23                  10,000m             14.25

Link to course map, parking information etc