Juvenile Track & Field League 2017 - Schedule of events.

There will be a total of 4 league competitions

League 1          Saturday 22nd April @ 10am               Irishtown (L1 Schedule)

League 2          Saturday 29th April @ 10.30am           Morton Stadium, Santry (L2)

League 3          Saturday 13th May @ 10.30am            Tallaght (L3)

League 4          Sunday 28th May @ 10.30am               Tallaght  (L4)       

  • Only athletes aged U10 – U16 are eligible to compete
  • An athlete may NOT step up an age in any event (except U9 born 2009 can step up to U10)
  • Registration/Entry on the day of competition - Athletes will be issued with a label/number for the respective age group.
  • Athletes may compete in all events listed in their respective age group
  • Points will be awarded to the top six in each event as follows,

1st         7 points

2nd        5 points

3rd        4 points

4th        3 points

5th      2 points

6th        1 point

  • The top six athletes in each age group with the highest points total accumulated from the 4 league competitions will be awarded trophies.
  • All Track events will be decided on times – There will be no heats/quarter or semi-finals
  • Field events – 3 throws/jumps per athlete
  • All competing athletes should be currently registered with the AAI for 2017. Checks may be conducted and any athlete not currently registered will be disqualified. Clubs must adhere to this condition, as non registered athletes are not insured.
  • In the event of contests clashing, officials will show flexibility, ie if a competitor is involved in long jump contest and a track event/other field event is called, he/she will be facilitated to participate in both, but must inform the official(s).
  • Parents and supporters are not permitted on the track or infield areas.
  • Please cooperate with, abide by and respect the decisions of the voluntary officials and organisers of the competitions.
  • All should help keep the facilities we use clear of rubbish. Please use rubbish bins where they are provided or bring your rubbish with you when leaving!

The programmes and event orders are subject to change to facilitate the smooth running of the competition.