Dublin T&F Championships 2017 – Entry Form

Please find links to the entry form and the Dublin Championships schedules of events over the 5 days.  Please print the form, complete as apparent and return to either your coach or to one of the lead coaches (Damien/Rosanna/Liz).  Alternatively, a copy of the form can be emailed to damiendsdac@gmail.com.  Forms must be completed in full, make sure you tick all the events you wish to enter, write your name and DOB clearly where required.  The deadline is Thursday, 18th May 2017 – Any forms received after this date will not be accepted.

  • With regard to the entry form, while every care was given to list the events for each day, the entry form is just your notification of entry to the championships.  The form itself is not a guide to the schedule of events for each day.  Please refer to the daily schedules for full details of listed events, the heights/weights for particular events and specific entry rules.

  • Finally, please ensure you take note of the correct days of your chosen events.