League 1, 2, 3 & 4 Results.

League 1 to 4 results are now in!  Well done to all who took part.  The top 6 scores in each age group receive a Trophy/Medal.  These will be collected from the Dublin Athletics Board at the first Dublin Championships meet and will be presented to the winners at the following Tuesday/Thursday training session.  Please see schedule for overall score breakdown, DSD athletes highlighted (apologies if I missed anyone, please advise if there are any errors).  The following is a summary of the DSD athletes who are in the top 6 point scores for their respective age group.


  • Girls U12 – Georgia O’Keeffe (3rd)

  • Girls U13 – Molly Mullally (3rd)

  • Girls U14 – Claudia Moran (1st)

  • Girls U15 – Iida Bradshaw (6th)

  • Boys U10 – Cian Dunphy (2nd)

  • Boys U10 – Matthew McCarthy (4th)

  • Boys U15 – Cian Dunne (4th)


    Well done to all!