Juvenile (New) Registration


Juvenile (New) Registration

from 30.00

Dundrum South Dublin Athletic Club – Juvenile Section (Under 19 on 31st December 2018)

*** Please do not register a NEW Juvenile Member until you have received confirmation of a place in the club *** 

The Subscriptions for the year, 1st September 2017 – 31st August 2018 are;

  • Under 13 and below - €120
  • €100 for second family member 
  • €85 for third etc 


  • U14 - U20 (Junior) - €80
  • €70 for second family member 
  • €60 for third etc 

Rates are all inclusive of membership, registration, BCS & Track usage, club competitive race entries & bus.

  • Parent Membership ( Run with Adult Meet & Train (M&T) Group) - €60.00.
  • Offer us 1 day Volunteering (Over 18s only) & Get a Credit - €30.00 (One Only). 

Click here to Register for Parent M&T Membership


*** Subscriptions cover registration, certain entry fees, insurance charges from Athletics Ireland and club expenses. If you are not registered you will be unable to compete. ***

Please submit a copy of birth certificate as soon as possible to the Club Secretary:

Stephen Judge, DSD Athletic Club Ltd., 27 Sandyford Office Park, Sandyford Ind Estate, Dublin 18.



Family Member in DSD:

Other names for information are:

Principal Child Welfare Officer - Eibhear Donnellan

Children’s Officers

Rosanna Baker - Irishtown

Úna Doyle - Ballinteer Community School

Juvenile Registrar

Linda Dunne

Club Coach

Head Coach Lucy Moore email: lucy.moore@sjog.ie

Other Coaches  

  • Eddie McDonagh Tel: 01 298 4973
  • Rosanna Baker Tel: 01 668 3369
  • Liz McDonagh Tel: 01 298 4973

Parents please note: The club is at all times concerned for the welfare of your children. In return athletes are expected to obey instructions from their coaches and refrain from behaviour that is either unsociable or likely to cause injury to themselves or others For safety reasons athletes must wear bright clothing at night/winter training sessions and a reflective strip.

Dundrum South Dublin Athletic Club Child Protection / Coach Protection Club Policy

All trips involving under 18s are to be approved in advance by the committee or if there is no committee meeting to be held in advance of the trip, by the Head Coach and Chairman. The appropriate person to approach the committee or the Head Coach / Chairman is the coach organising the trip. The coach organising the trip must (a) ensure that another adult over the age of 25, preferably of the opposite sex, will also be going on the trip. Preferably, that adult should not also be competing on the trip and (b) ensure that all athletes going on the trip have paid their subs and are fully registered through the club with the AAI. “Trips” are defined as any athletics event either in Ireland or abroad, to which one or more individual athletes as members of the club are being brought by a coach, registered with the club. All club training sessions involving under 18s attended by a coach should ideally also be attended by an adult over the age of 25, preferably of the opposite sex, and preferably not also participating in training. No coach, either at an event, on a trip or at training should carry out treatment of any kind on an athlete under the age of 18, without at least one adult over the age of 25 also present. Ideally, no lifts are to be given to athletes under the age of 18 by coaches, to or from training or events, unless the athlete is accompanied or an adult over the age of 25 is also present. The club should actively encourage parents of under 18s to arrange for their children to be dropped off at training and to be collected from training. It is the duty of committee members who have any concern whatsoever over the implementation of these Rules to bring any such concern to the attention of the following committee meeting or if the circumstances warrant urgent consideration, to the immediate attention of the Head Coach and Chairman. The committee shall enquire into any concerns brought before it and will have the power to take whatever action it deems appropriate. The club shall endeavour to put a rota of adults in place, in relation to attendance at all training sessions. The above policy has been formally adopted by the DSD Club Committee on the 10th day of July 2007.