Parent Membership M&T


Parent Membership M&T


Parent Membership (Run with Adult Meet & Train (M&T) Group) - €60.00

Offer us 1 day Volunteering (Over 18 only) and get a Credit - €30.00 (One Only).



  1. Only the Club Registrars can register an Athlete with the Athletic Association of Ireland.
  2. Only registered athletes can compete in The Athletic Association of Ireland Competitions. a) Only Fully Paid up Athletes will be registered. b) Only Registered athletes will be selected on Club teams
  3. The Club may use photos/videos taken during training, competition or at club events as it sees fit.
  4. Only Registered Athletes are insured under the Athletic Association of Irelands insurance Scheme.
  5. For existing members that have not re registered by the 31st December 2016 a late payment penalty fee of €10.00 will apply