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New Members

August 2018:  New Member Enquiry Now Open for 2018/19.

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If you were registered last year your place is guaranteed, as long as you re-register before the end of September. 

At the beginning of October we will begin to offer places to people on the waiting list based on numbers registered at that time.

Juvenile Registration

Juvenile (New) Registration. This is for juvenile athletes (under 19 in the relevant year) who have not registered with DSD AC previously. Photocopies of birth certificates are required to be emailed separately (please do not post originals of birth certs, photocopies are preferable).

Please do not register a new Juvenile until you have confirmation that they have been offered a place in the club


Juvenile Re-Registration Form. For juvenile athletes (under 19 in the relevant year) who have registered with DSD AC in previous years.

Young Athlete Code of Conduct. All young athletes, parents, and coaches-leaders involved with the club must sign up to the conditions in the relevant sections of the club's code of conduct. This must be acknowledged upon registration each year.

Senior Registration

For all Senior / Masters / Meet & Train athletes and anyone who is over 19 in the relevant year.

Other Registration

For all Retired members / Overseas members / Committee members / Coaches / Helpers who are over 19 in the relevant year.

Club Gear

All DSD Casual Gear is provided by Custom King 3 times a year.