Without targets it’s very hard for most us to commit to getting out running on a cold winter night. Understanding this, we have in this group two training peaks per year in readiness for the endurance running season. 

  • Our 1st peak is April each year in readiness for late spring/summer races.

e.g. Women’s Mini-Marathon, Dublin Docklands 10km.

  • Our 2nd peak is October each year in readiness of autumn races. 

e.g. Dublin City Marathon and Half Marathon

Typically we will allow 4 months training to each peak. 

So a typical training year will look something like this.

January - April (Structured Training)

April (Peak fitness for Racing)

May - June (Racing/Easy Running)

July - October (Structured Training)

October (Peak fitness for Racing)

Nov - Dec (Easy Running)

Declan and Caitriona our Adult Meet & Train Coaches would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. Declan can be contacted via the website's Contacts page.