Did you know that DSD AC (when it was Dundrum AC) started the Flora Women's Mini Marathon in 1983? And we have been involved in organising the event ever since?

It is now the biggest all women's event of its kind in the world - in it's first year it attracted almost 9,000 participants, and had it's maximum entry in 2013 when a staggering 40,717 women took part. Indeed since 2007, the number of participants has exceeded 40,000 each year. In total, over 780,000 women have taken part since 1983.

But the real success story, is the amount raised for charity by all these participants, it is estimated that close on 137 million euro has been raised since 1983, with almost 14 million euro being the estimate for 2013 alone. And it is the women themselves who individually chose their own charity, so the benefits are dispersed far and wide within the community.

And, the Mini Marathon idea has been copied in several European cities - Liverpool, Glasgow, London and Oslo now put on all-women events - so not only did we create a brilliant idea, but we've even exported it.