In April, we commence our 8 week training program for the WMM. This is has proved a hit every year and You are most welcome to join us in Marlay Park. 

Marlay Park [Locate with Google Maps] (It’s the Tennis Courts in the Centre of the Park . Training times will be Tuesday & Thursday 6.00pm (Out Running by 6.25), Saturday & Sunday 10.30am. 

There will be a mixture of sessions depending on your ability, coaching will be undertaken by Caitriona Ryan & Fiona Allen who are both Qualified Athletics Ireland Coaches. The group will meet each training day and do a little stretching before starting running. It is intended to all start running together and let people settle into their own pace. 

If you’re able to run at least 1 Mile without stopping before coming down to us, you’ll see huge improvement in your ability if you do the training 3-4 Days per week, you’ll fly the WMM 10km and be searching for the next one

We suggest that you have a read of our "Brand Newbies" section if it applies to you and try do what it advises for a few weeks before coming down to join us.

Cost includes registration for 8 weeks coaching 4 days per week, then running with our main group all summer, 4 days per week to September. Then you can join the above Meet & Train membership in September if you wish to continue (Low entry cost WMM training is available once only, thereafter you must be full M&T member). The club DSDAC, we hope you agree, are providing an excellent value for money training & coaching facility to all doing the WMM, there are NO free tryouts beforehand.

Please remember your coaches are unpaid volunteers, so please help us to minimise there administration burden by having your membership in order prior to taking part.

Caitriona & Fiona our Adult Meet & Train Coaches would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.