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Dublin Juvenile T&F League – League 1 Sat, 14th April – Santry

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The first of four Juvenile T&F Leagues start this Saturday, 14th April, 2018 in Morton Stadium Santry at 10:30am. All registered members (U10 to U16) are welcome and encouraged to enter the Dublin T&F League. Athletes can enter all events in their age group, points will be awarded to those that finish in the top 6 of each event (7 points for 1st place, 5 points for 2nd place, 4 for 3rd, etc..). Points are accumulated over the 4 Leagues and the 6 athletes with the most points for each age group will receive a trophy/medal.

The following are the League Fixture dates and Program of Events for each day:

Saturday 14/04/18: League 1 – Morton Stadium, Santry at 10:30am (L1 Program)

Saturday 21/04/18: League 2 – Morton Stadium, Santry at 10:30am (L2 Program)

Saturday 12/05/18 (Changed from 05/05/18): League 3 – Tallaght at 10:30am (L3 Program)

Saturday 19/05/18: League 4 – Tallaght at 10:30am (L4 Program)

Scheduled times are approximate and subject to change without notice.

Entries are taken on the day, simply turn up, register with DSD to receive your age label which must be worn on your club singlet. The following are the Age Groups for 2018:

Note: Athletes born in 2010 are permitted to compete as U10, however, NO athlete born in 2011 or later can compete.

2018 Age Groups:

U10 born 2009

U11 born 2008

U12 born 2007

U13 born 2006

U14 born 2005

U15 born 2004

U16 born 2003

Athletes/Parents are reminded as follows:

Club Singlets must be worn. (Singlets will be on sale on the day. Price €20)

Athletes should be at the venue 1 hour before to allow check-in, warmup etc.

On arrival please check-in with DSD to receive your age label. Athletes will not be permitted to compete without an age label and/or club singlet.

Be prepared for all types of weather.

Bring water/packed lunch as delays can happen.

Entry Fee is already included in your club subscription. No fee payable.

If wearing running spikes, please ensure they are fitted with 5mm track spikes.

PARENTS NOTE: As with all athletics events the Leagues are run by volunteers, each club is expected to provide volunteers to officiate. The coaches are committed to preparing the athletes for their events and not always available to officiate, we therefore look to you, the parents to fill this gap. The Dublin Athletics Board take a dim view of clubs that don’t provide sufficient officials and can exclude our athletes from the competition. For this reason, we expect you make yourself available to officiate on the day. No need to worry about experience, as senior officials will be there to guide you.

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