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IMPORTANT: New Pre-booking/Attendance System (PLEASE READ!)

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Dear Member,

Just a note to bring you up to date, we are in an advanced stage to FULLY Re-Open DSD training activities for all Juvenile and Adult members. There will be some changes to our training schedule for some groups, this is to ensure our members’ safety and ongoing compliance with Covid Protocols.

To facilitate our first step in return to training for ALL Adult/Juvenile Groups from Little Athletics to the Adult Senior/Masters is the introduction of a new Pre-Booking/Attendance Tracking system which is integrated with the DSD Membership Database/Management System. This new system will replace the current Eventbrite or Google Docs booking system used by various groups over the last few weeks.

The Pre-booking/Attendance Tracking system is all done via the ClubForce App. Without the App you will not receive the Pre-booking Invite and therefore will not be able to confirm your attendance. As this is a compulsory requirement under the Covid Protocols we are instructing ALL Juvenile and Adult Members to download the ClubForce App without delay. Please ensure you have the latest version of the App, which can be found by following the link below.

The ClubForce Pre-booking system will work as follows:

Pre-booking your place at training is COMPULSORY and can only be done through the ClubForce app. Training Invites will be issued by your coach.

Upon receipt of the App invite you should Accept or Decline the invite.

1. To Pre-book your place you must answer the standard Covid Screening questions.

2. If you answer ‘No’ to any question or your temperature is higher than 37.5, you are prompted to Decline to the invite and seek medical advice.

3. Once you have cleared the Screening Questions you can accept the training invite, if later, you are not attending the training event you can change the booking status prior to the start of the event.

4. At the training event the Coach/Official will record the athletes attendance, which is then recorded and held by DSD for Contact Tracing, Attendance recording and Membership Subscription purposes.

Note: The Covid Screening Questions are standard questions set by ClubForce. DSD does not record temperature of athletes however, you are currently required to answer this question to accept the invite. It should also be noted the answers to the Screening Questions are NOT viewable by DSD, these are saved on your device via your ClubForce App account. DSD will only receive Accept/Decline notification to the invite.

An updated schedule for Training Groups will issue during the week, however, in the meantime we require you to download the latest ClubForce app, to ensure you are ready to receive the Pre-booking/Attendance Invites.

Yours in Sport.

Damien Moran

Athletics Operations Director & DSD Covid Compliance Officer


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