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League 4 – Saturday 18th May (Tallaght) and Squad Sunday (19th May – Irishtown)

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Please find up dated Results schedule for League 1, 2 and 3 (Amended Results correcting error issued by email).

Thank you to all parents and coaches who officiated at each of the Leagues. Your help is very much appreciated.

The 4th and final T&F League takes place on Saturday 18th May from 10.30am in Tallaght Track. Please be there 1 hour before your scheduled event, remember times are approximate and event can start up to 45 minutes earlier than scheduled. (Click for League 4 Timetable). If you haven’t taken part in any of the previous Leagues, you’re still welcome to compete in League 4.

Please note at each of the Leagues events were running ahead of scheduled times. It is therefore very important that athletes are at the venue in plenty of time for their events. Athletes when rushed can suffer panicked nerves (especially younger inexperienced athletes). To avoid unnecessary nerves, it’s always best to be there in time for check-in, allow time for a gradual transition from warm-up to a feeling of being competition ready.

How the Leagues work? With the Leagues you do not pre-register for the competition. You simply turn up at least 1 hour before your first event register with our club official (at the DSD flag) to receive your Age Label. Once you’ve registered and received your Age Label you can compete in 1 or all the events scheduled for your age group.

Points are awarded to the top 6 athletes in each event over the 4 Leagues. 7pts for 1st place, 5pts for 2nd, 4pts for 3rd, 3pts for 4th, 2pts for 5th and 1pt for 6th. The top 6 athletes with the most accumulated points over the 4 Leagues are awarded a medal/trophy. Obviously, the more events you enter the more chances of accumulating points. The Leagues are an opportunity to try new events and to get some competition practice before the Dublin Championships.


At all competitions Club singlets must be worn. (singlets will NOT be on sale at training/track, order instructions are set out here.)

Athletes can only compete in their own respective age group in T&F, stepping up/down an age category is not permitted in individual T&F events. (Except U9 (Born 2011) can step up to U10 for the Leagues only).

Be prepared for all types of weather.

Bring water/food as delays can happen.

Parents please note all clubs are required to provide officials to help at these events. It will be much appreciated if you make yourself available to help when asked.


Irishtown juvenile training on Saturday 18th May is cancelled due to League 4, please attend the League 4 in Tallaght as part of your training.

DSD Squad Sunday – 19th May 12-2pm

Our final Squad Sunday will take place this Sunday in Irishtown Stadium from 12pm to 2pm. All juvenile members from all training location are welcome (including those born in 2012).

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