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National League Round 2

Well done to all our Senior Athletes, who travelled to Athlone on Sunday for Round 2 National League.

Thanks to Steven Dagg for great photos.

The good news is that both teams have qualified for National Final on 20th July in Tullamore.

Individual Results from Athlone as follows:


100m 5th Orla Walsh 13.08

200m 6th Orla Walsh 27.60

400m 5th Emer Finlay 64.64

100mH 3rd Rachel Dunne 18.17

400mH 2nd Grace O’Rourke 70.92

800m 1st Sinead Denny 2.16.58

1500m 1st Fiona Clinton 4.44.85

S/Chase 3rd Grace O’Rourke 12.41.73

L.Jump 3rd Grainne Moggan 4.95

T.Jump 4th Rachel Dunne 9.75

H.Jump 3rd Ailbhe Kenny 1.40

Shot 4th Tai Daly 7.81

Hammer 6th Tai Daly 14.41

Discus 3rd Emma Roche 23.31

Javelin 1st Emmy Coffey 28.79


100m 4th Hugh Gowing 11.78

200m 5th James Holden 23.71

400m 7th Paul O’Callaghan 54.02

110mH 2nd Joe Halwax 15.87

400mH 2nd Joe Halwax 56.11

800m 3rd Aengus Meldon 2.00.30

1500m 4th Rick Nally 4.09.85

3,000m S/C 1st Emmet Jennings 9.32.48

5,000m 1st Mark Molloy 15.39.44

L.Jump 3rd David Dagg 5.79

H.Jump 4th David Dagg 1.65

Javelin 2nd Brian McDermott 44.30

Discus 4th Brian McDermott 28.13

Shot 6th Jamie Martin Grace 7.99

56 lbs 4th Jamie Martin Grace 4.46

<img src="" alt="IMG_6399.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="Aengus Relay.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6905.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6990.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6876.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6455.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6976.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6842.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7004.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7207.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6721.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6954.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7146.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6690.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6881.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7104.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6429.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7069.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6755.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7178.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7266.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6462.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6814.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6613.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_6484.jpg" />

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