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Note to DSD Indoor Volunteers – Please check your Volunteering day.

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Thank you for volunteering to help officiate at this year’s Dublin Indoors Championships. Your help is highly valued by the club and allows the coaches to concentrate on preparing and guiding the athletes through the competition. Below is a list of the volunteers and your preferred days. When you arrive at the Arena you should check-in with the officials on the door, advise them you are officiating that day. They will give you a wrist band which will give you free access for the day and they will assign you to the relevant duties. When signing the officials register, please indicate you’re from DSD AC.

Day 1 – Friday 2nd February.

Aillil O’Reilly

Shane Murray

Helen Hayes

Day 2 – Friday 9th February.

Danielle Stephenson

Susan Hutter

Eamonn Prenter

Deirdre Lynch

John Thornton

Day 3 – Saturday 10th February.

Patricia Cunningham

Afif El-Khuffash

Eamonn Cronin

Eoin Dunphy

Justine Urell

Sharon Kennedy

Yolanda Farrell

Aisling Foley

Keith Brock

Eoin Dunphy

Joan Shields

David Farrell

Peter Bosch

Ciara Jones

Pamela Kelly

Maria Doran

Kevin Tucker

Fintan Hourihan

Stephen Jones

Ronan Hearne

Mags Thornton

Tony Walsh

Nuala Dervin

Day 4 – Sunday 11th February.

Ailsa Prenter

Carol Healy

David Ellis

Billy O’Dwyer

Audrey Martin

Doreen Smith

Sharon Wilson

Tess Byrne

Paul Roche

Michael Neary

Una/Mark Doyle

Jonathan White

Rachel Bourke

Liam/Ciara Harvey

David Jenkins

Susan Curtis

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