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Report by Lindie Naughton (Field Events Coach)

Shot putting skills made quite a difference to the overall results at the DSD Juvenile Pentathlon. The shiny new circle added to the interest with its non-slip surface taking a bit of getting used too.

In the U12 girls group (2kg shot), Georgia’s 5.70m effort was worth 252 points and helped her to overall victory. Well done also Juliana with 5.71m (253 points), which was the best “putt” in this group; also Ella with 5.59m (245 points).

Winner of the U13 girls’ title was Rebecca with 973 points, 259 of them coming from her 5.80m in the shot. Darcy 6.23m and Kate 6.07m had the biggest scores in this very competitive group.

Claudia’s 7.29m gave her a vital 354 points for victory in the U14 girls; well done also Jenny with 6.25m- there’s more to come from both these girls!

Over seven metres was Laura with her 7.16m giving her 345 points towards her winning total of 1569 in the under 15 girls (2.72m shot). Cara’s 6.41m was the next best in this age group.

Biggest throw of the day came from Emma in the under 16 class (3kg shot), with her 7.77m effort winning her 385 points and proving great practice for the Dublin Indoors. Molly’s 7.53m was worth 369 points while Jill’s 7.42m added 362 points to her total. Hannah finished top of the table overall with a decent 6.26m in the shot – and more to come, with abit more training!

Of the boys, Cillian had a 6.03m effort in the under 12 age group (2kg), while best of the U13 boys was Dylan with a massive 6.34m putt worth 269 points. Calum, the winner in this age group, picked up a valuable 248 points for his 5.99m effort. Well done also Matthew 55.6m and Robert 5.42m.

Cian’s 8.33m shot helped him to victory in the U15 boys group with a strong 7.84m effort from Lucca for second. At U16 level, Liam’s best was a respectable 8.56m, whilethe biggest heave of the day came from Ciaran with 10.61m for 522 points in U17 boys; there was also 7.24m for Charlie in this age group.

Well done to everyone who took part – and see you at the shot putt circle!

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