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The Sandyford 5k takes place on the same course as last year on Thursday, September 27th starting from Three Rock Road in Sandyford. We have now opened for registration via our new website Walkers, joggers and runners can be assured of the same warm welcome with a new technical t-shirt in the works as well as a medal and goodie bag there is plenty on offer for participants in this race.

In order to make it a success we need all DSD members to spread the word, encourage your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances to enter and join in the fun!!! Hopefully this great Irish Summer will allow us some sunshine on September 27th too!

  1. €100 for a team of four

  2. €25 per individual entries.

This race is being organised and run by DSD in order to raise funds for the exciting new Sports Campus that the club have been working on the past few years, You can check out the latest video on it HERE.

Finally, we have some innovations with our social media too so keep your eyes peeled for plenty more information via Facebook and Twitter.

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