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Women & Men through to League Final!

With great performances on Sunday in Athlone by Hiko Tonoso, 1st 1500m and 5,000m, Jerome Caprice 1st Walk; club captain Joe Halwax 1st 110m hurdles and 400m hurdles; Emmet Jennings 1st 3,000m steeplechase and our 4x100m relay team of David Dagg, James Holden, Ciaran Haverty and Mark Kavanagh (1st) and 4x400m relay team of Joe Halwax; Paul O’Callaghan; Ciaran Haverty and David Dagg (1st), our place in the League Final on the 19th August in Tullamore has been assured. This follows upon an under par first round in Belfast, when many of our athletes were missing.

By comparison our women’s team had a very good first round in Belfast and relaxed a bit in this 2nd round, with several missing, but were still good enough to finish in second place in Athlone and will join our men’s team in the final. Stepping up to the mark and finishing first in the women’s section were: Avril Dillon 100m hurdles; Molly Hourihan 400m hurdles; Maria McCambridge 3,000m; Sinead Denny 200m and Anita White Javelin.

Well done to all who travelled to Belfast and Athlone and best of luck to both teams, in Tullamore, in League Final.

<img src="" alt="IMG_7924.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7714.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7499.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7282.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7590.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7255.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7846.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7329.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7638.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7821.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7349.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7743.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7599.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7881.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7907.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7912.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7245.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7840.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7866.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7367.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7373.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7239.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7671.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7421.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7560.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7305.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="IMG_7618.jpg" />

Thanks to Steven Dagg for great photos

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