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Day 3, 4 & 5 of the Dublin Championships

<img src="" alt="League3-600m 2018.jpg" /> · Day 3 – Friday, 15th June. Irishtown at 7pm – Timetable here . · Day 4 – Saturday, 16th June. Irishtown at 10.30am – Timetable here . · Day 5 – Sunday, 17th June. Tallaght at 10.30am – Timetable here. Please be there an hour before your first event and please note new check-in system. Be at the track in time for the check-in period. Club singlets much be worn and bring food/drink. Volunteers : Here is the list of volunteers , please check-in at the officials desk to get your assigned job. If you find you’re unable to officiate on your indicated preferred day, you can volunteer on another day. Please let the officials know you’re switching your day. Athletes/Parents Note – New Check-in System . We (the Dublin Athletics Board) will be operating a check-in system for all sprint and hurdles on Saturday and Sunday events so please advise your athletes to check-in and collect their number. No numbers or check-in will be operated for any other events. Saturday Check –In closes for at 10am for 400m contests Check – In closes at 10.30am for sprint hurdles Check – In closes at 12noon for 200m Sunday Check –in Closes for Long Hurdles at 11.15am Check – In closes for 100m at 1pm Athletes MUST retain their number for both days if they are competing in a number of sprint events. This is important for photo finish/time recording and results IMPORTANT Message Regarding Car-park in Irishtown Below Please advice your club members about the note below which has been circulated by DCC who have asked me to send to our clubs. Dear Residents Irishtown stadium are aware there have been some issues relating to car parking at the weekends with cars parked illegally and blocking residents in. While we cannot control what happens outside the car park , we have taken the following steps to try prevent further issues at weekends. 1. NOTICES up around the stadium that cars parked illegally will be clamped and to respect residents access. 2. Emails to all users using the centre to say cars parked illegally will be clamped and where necessary to encourage car pooling. 3. Local Garda station contacted & fines issued last week to cars blocking residents in. 4. Clamping company notified PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A Dublin County Board Athletics Event on this Friday evening 15th June and Saturday 16th June ( all day ) IT IS EXPECTED TO BE BUSY AT THIS TIME . IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY ISSUES WITH PARKING PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL GARDA STATION Offer of car parking spaces from local organisation below Can you inform anyone wishing to park securely .and a five minute walk from stadium for € 6 all day .I HAVE 50 spaces off street at Dekes Diner on Southbank road ,which is used for Aviva events. The proceeds go to local youth fishing club .I CAN ALLSO FACILITATE COACHES UP TO 6 for €10 Thanks Anthony Mc Donald (Deke)secretary RAYTOWN ANGLING CLUB Please advise All competitors and parents to place rubbish in bins provided and to take away unwanted/unused items when leaving both stadiums. All clubs MUST provide officials to assist, this is a condition of competition. Athletes will not be athletes allowed to compete if a club fails to provide officials. Names must be submitted in advance.

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