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Day 4 – Indoor Champs Volunteers

<img src="" alt="DSD Image.png" /> Hi All, Thank you for agreeing to officiate/volunteer at Day 5 of the Dublin Indoor Championships. Please check-in at the official desk where they are taking the adult entry charge. You should sign in a DSD Official/Volunteer. You will be assigned your duties by the Dublin officials. Please note your names have been submitted Dublin Athletics Board ( Day 4 List attached ), who rely completely on volunteers to run these competitions. Thank you to those who volunteered over the previous championship days. Unfortunately, some that agreed to volunteer did not do so on their agreed day. This reflects badly on DSD, and we were advised our athletes could be removed from competition if this continued. Each club is required to provide volunteers on the day and we ask you respect this. Thanks in advance. Yours in sport Damien Moran

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