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Double for Sean at Dublin Indoors!

The Dublin Juvenile Indoor Track & Field Championships continued this weekend with a large number of our athletes taking home medals and qualifying for the National Indoor Championships.   Sean Healy had a great double winning the U.18 800m and 1500m, with our 400m runners also impressing taking 5 titles.   Provisional Results:   400m Boys: U.19    1st        Antoine Roquette                   50.72             4th        Eoghan Fitzmaurice                53.21             6th        Conor Storey                           55.70   U.18    1st        Andrew Hayes                         51.77   U.17    1st        Daniel Conway                        53.76   Girls: U.19    1st        Rachel Lynch                           59.58   U.18    5th        Lena Muzellac                         63.57             6th        Abbie Doherty                        63.72   U.17    1st        Alannah Giles                          61.90             4th       Alice Sinclair                           62.57             5th       Alexandra Doyle                     64.03     800m Boys U.19    6th        Luca O’Shea Breen                  2.09.43   U.18    1st        Sean Healy                              2.01.11             2nd       Callum Downes                       2.05.75   U.16    5th        Aidan Flanagan                       2.19.95   U.15    3rd        Xaime Abeledo Chousa           2.16.28             5th        Conn McCluskey                     2.21.41             7th        Conor Pimlott                         2.25.74   U.14    3rd        Dylan McCambridge Crossan  2.26.58             6th        Harry O’Meara                        2.33.45             10th      Patrick Hosey                          2.40.63   Girls U.14    4th        Olivia Butler                            2.29.08             8th        Julia Butler                              2.30.31 U.17 3rd Alannah Giles 2.25. 85               1500m Boys U.18    1st        Sean Healy                              4.18.64             3rd        Callum Downes                       4.21.10             5th        Jake Mathews                         4.31.57   U.16    5th        Cameron Fallon                      4.46.75             9th        Aidan Flanagan                       4.55.09   U.19    6th        Ciaran Connolly                      4.44.91             7th        Lochlann Hannon                    4.45.31   Girls U.17    8th        Isabella Prino Mello                5.16.84             10th      Sadhbh Hassett                       5.24.20   U.16    8th        Sophie Lawrence                    5.18.50     60m Boys U.14    3rd        Matthew Johansson               8.37             4th        Oisin Veale                              8.37   U.15    8th        Cillian Connolly                       8.73   U.17    4th        Lawrence Gevero                    7.24   U.19    3rd        Jack Kiely                                 7.27             7th        Conor Storey                           7.62   Girls: U.19    3rd        Rachel Lynch                           8.23   U.18    7th        Rhea Malone                          8.46   U.17    3rd        Leila Halpin                             8.15             5th        Alexandra Doyle                     8.21             7th        Lilah Stephenson Donnelly     8.41   U.16    2nd       Evelyn Kwik                             7.93             6th        Sophia Johansson                   8.38   U.14    2nd       Siofra Fitzmaurice                   8.26   U.13    3rd        Estelle Delaney                       8.85   Pole Vault U.16B  1st        Daniel Graham                        1.50   U.18G  4th        Olga Buckina                           1.60   Long Jump Girls U.14    2nd       Éabha Morrow                        4.36   Boys U.12    4th        Isaac Fortune                          3.69   U.14    5th        Luca Moran                             4.05   Triple Jump U.18G  3rd        Emma Johansson                   9.42             4th        Lena Muzellec                         8.89 Shot Putt U.14G 2nd Becky Isaac 8.42   5th Gemma Bunce 7.24 U.13B 4th Matthew Johansson 7.94 8th. Patrick Hosey 7.07 High Jum p U.13G 7th Caoilinn Morrow 1.15 U.14G 6th Becky Isaac 1.25 Well done to all!

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