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DSD Endurance Athletes hungry for more Medals

<img src="" alt="DSD Junior &amp;amp; Senior Endurance medals 2010-2019" /> DSD Junior & Senior Endurance medals 2010-2019 On Monday 7th September, our DSD endurance athletes and coaches got together on Zoom to discuss their goals for the upcoming Cross-Country season (subject to the ever-changing COVID-19 regulations). It was a very productive session, and there is a real hunger there for more medals! The image above shows DSD’s performances in the National Cross-Country Championships since 2010. The number of athletes on each team, team position and individual medals are shown (both inter-county & inter-club medalists prior to 2016 when the races were separated). We have managed a decent haul across all four categories since 2010. With our coaches’ ongoing commitment and our athletes putting in the hard training, there are plenty more to come! Rob Corbally Captain of Men’s Cross-Country & Endurance

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