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DSD Masters Shine on the national stage

Congratulations to our DSD Masters! Our athletes left an indelible mark on the National Championships held in Tullamore, on Sat 12th August 2023 bringing home 18 medals (9 Gold, 3 Silver, 6 Bronze). With their exceptional performances, these seasoned athletes proved that age is just a number when it comes to athletic prowess. The championships witnessed the DSD Masters athletes excel across a variety of disciplines. From sprints to throws to jumps to 5k, their performances resonated with both competitors and spectators alike. The success of the DSD Masters athletes goes beyond individual achievements; it’s a testament to the nurturing environment and supportive community fostered by the Club. Their camaraderie and shared passion for the sport, coupled with their excellent coaches (Avril Dillon, Dave Connolly and Lucy Moore) played a huge role in their performances. As the sun set on the championships, the DSD Masters athletes stood tall, their medals gleaming in the fading light. Their performances a reminder that passion, dedication, and the love for sport can create moments of brilliance that defy the constraints of age. Listed below are all the DSD Masters Athletes that attended the championships with medal winning performances listed. Trish Friend Pereira (W35) competing in her first Masters Championships · 3rd 100m 13.97 secs · 3rd 200m 29.05 secs Adina Gheorghiu (W45) · 1st 100m 12.86 secs · 1St 200m 26.69 secs Mary Gowing (W55) · 3rd 100m 14.83 secs · 3Rd 200m 31.04 secs Dee Walsh (W55) was unfortunate to get a calf muscle injury in warm-up; better days ahead! Ruaidhrí Kedney (M40) · 1st 200m 24.80 secs James Sullivan (M35) George Wyatt (M55) · 1st Triple Jump 10.38m · 2nd Long-Jump 5.29m Fintan Hourihan (M55) · 4th 100 13.24 secs (PB) just edged out for 3rd by 1/1000th of second · 2nd 200m 27.10 secs (PB) Sean Browne (M55) · 3rd 5000m 18.27.91 Ronan Gately (M55) · 3rd 200m 27.12 secs Shane Sheridan (M60) · 1st 100m 12.99 secs · 1st 200m 27.33 secs Peadar McGing (M65) · 1st Long-Jump 4.02m · 1st High-Jump 1.30m · 1st Pole Vault 2.10m Mens 4x100m Relay - 2nd in 49.88 secs – James Sullivan, Ruaidhrí Kedney, Fintan Hourihan and Shane Sheridan. The above total haul of 18 medals is all the more impressive when you consider some of our strongest Master Athletes (Avril Dillon, Lucy Moore, Vigetta Moran and Kevin Byrne) were not competing. Ronan Gately 13th August 2023

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