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League 4 – Tallaght Sunday 28th May, 2017.

<img src="" alt="" /> Again, thank you to all parents who helped officiate at previous 3 Leagues, without your help the competition could not take place. League 4 will be held in Tallaght on Sunday, 28th May, 2017 starting at 10.30am ( League4 Timetable link ). This is the last of the four Leagues, and a great opportunity to get some last-minute competition practice before the Dublin Championships. All registered members (U10 to U16) can enter. Entries are taken on the day, whether you entered the previous three leagues or not, you are welcome take part in the last league. Please note you must register your name with DSD on the day to get your age label, without the age label and club singlet you will not be allowed compete. If you’ve taken part in the previous three leagues and have your age label you STILL have to register your name on the day. Remember Athletes are encouraged to compete in all events in their age group to acquire as many points as possible. Age Groups as follows: (Athletes born in 2009 are permitted to compete as U10, however NO athlete born in 2010 or later can compete). U10 born 2008. U11 born 2007. U12 born 2006. U13 born 2005. U14 born 2004. U15 born 2003. U16 born 2002. Athlete/Parent you are reminded as follows : Entries are taken on the day of each league. If you missed any of the previous leagues you can still enter, just turn up register with the club to get your age label. If you still have your age label from the previous leagues, you are still required to register on the day. Club Singlets must be worn. (Singlets will be on sale on the day. Price €20). Athletes should be there 1 hour before (9.30am) to allow check-in, warm-up etc. You can enter all events, or just one or more of the events for your age group. Stepping up an age group is not permitted with the exception of those born in 2009, they compete as U10. Be prepared for all types of weather. Bring water/packed lunch as delays can happen. On arrival, please check-in with DSD to get your age label. Athletes will not be permitted to compete without their club singlet and an age label. Entry Fee is already included in your club subscription, so no fee payable on the day. If wearing running spikes, please ensure they are 5mm spikes. Finally, parents please make yourself available to help officiate. Many hands make light work and minimize delay in the running order. It will be much appreciated if you help when asked.

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