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Peter Mathews gives Meet & Train a Masterclass in Strength & Conditioning

In the spirit of Meet & Train’s motto, “Training is always on!” , the Set Your Marks Committee (John Sloan, Romaine King, Sarah O’Carroll and Stephen Judge) kept the Meet & Train gang busy on Friday night (19th Feb) with a serious Masterclass on Strength & Conditioning led by DSD legend, Peter Mathews. The Zoom webinar was kicked off with Gerry Dunne presenting a collage of images of Pete’s Cross Country achievements over the years, donned in mucky DSD and Ireland singlets. After a chat about how Pete got into running (Eddie McDonagh’s name inevitably popped up!) he grabbed the mat and got down to business showing us the planks, side planks, bridges, squats, lunges … and then the dreaded foam rolling. We have been told over the years that Strength & Conditioning is a part of training. It certainly felt like that when Pete whipped out that foam roller and guided us through rolling the quads (ouch!) and calfs (aaaah!). But like all training, there is a finish! And we tapered to the end with a few mild stretches (quads and hip flexors) before Gerry wrapped the session up. A HUGE thanks to Peter Mathews who imparted his wisdom to an eager crew, to Gerry for landing in the hot seat and, of course, the Set Your Marks Committee for keeping Meet & Train buzzing during these lockdown days.

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