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Sinead Denny – the Virtual Interview

Sinéad Denny is next up in our series of interviews. Sinead has represented Ireland over 400m and has won numerous National medals for the club. We are lucky to have a loyal club athlete like Sinead who has continually improved year on year as a she transitioned through junior into senior ranks.
<img src="" alt="95659609_10157471134510292_4443507691960139776_n.jpg" /> 1. When and why did you join DSD AC? I joined the club when I was about 8. I loved running, I used to always ask my mum to say 1,2,3 Go in the back garden, and she was fed up of it. There was a good few girls in my class at school on the club so she asked their parents about it and I went down to BCS one evening and have been with the club ever since! 2. What was your best event and what event did you like best 400m is my best event. I used to run cross country when I was younger and really enjoyed it until the distances got too long for me!
I also love a relay!
<img src="" alt="95390675_10157471134205292_8672737897859776512_n.jpg" /> 3. What is your favourite training workout? The tougher the better for me. I really like hill sessions or on the track it would be a split 400m. This session was great close to racing season. It gave you so much confidence going into a race after having done it well! 4. And your least favourite? Short speed sessions are my least favourite, I am not the speediest. It takes me a few meters to get going so a session with runs less then 100m in them are not my forte! 5. What is your most cherished or proudest moment in your athletics career? There are a few!
At schools level it would be winning gold at the Tailteann games in the 300m and then going on to represent Ireland at the schools International. The National seniors 400m titles I have won indoor and outdoor. European Championships Amsterdam 2016. My first major championships, I made the 400m semi final. It was the most amazing feeling getting the big Q in the heat to progress to the semi’s.
I also ran on the 4x400m relay. 6. What is your most loved athletics sporting moment of all time ? Thomas Barr coming 4th in the Olympic final in 2016. 7. What is/was your favourite race / athletics meet to take part in? IFAM Oordegem in Belgium. 12 hours of racing, the atmosphere is great and the weather is nearly always unbelievable. It is also where my 400m pb is from which qualified me for the Europeans. 8. What was your worst injury – and how did you get over it? I got a stress fracture just above my ankle when I was in 6th year which meant I was out of athletics for a good 6 months, if not more. I missed the whole outdoor season that year. It was tough because it would have been my last year to compete at the Irish schools which is such a great event.
There was a lot of rehab and aqua jogging to keep my fitness up. 9. What do you eat before a race and how long before do you eat? It depends on when the race is. For a morning/afternoon event I would have porridge with peanut butter and banana and /or toast bacon and eggs. If it was an evening event I would try eat well in the morning and have a chicken and rice or pasta dish and probably at least 2 hours before the race. 10. If you could have dinner with 3 sporting personalities past or present who would you pick Jessica Ennis
Katie Taylor
Nafi Thiam 11. What is your next running / athletics goal? At the moment it’s just to be able to race this year. 12. How are you motivating yourself to continue training at these difficult times? Having lots of time is a nice change, I’m usually so busy. Training is a nice distraction from what’s going on. So I’m just trying to stay as fit as possible in anticipation for a 2020 season towards the end of the summer (hopefully). 13. What piece of advice would you give an aspiring athlete? Be patient! Most top athletes didn’t progress until they were a bit older, so keep training consistently, listening to your coach and enjoying it.
Also try everything when you are younger and see what event you suits you. It might be a few!
I have great memories of the Friday night leagues going around to all the different events with friends from so many different clubs and just entering ourselves into every event we could. 14. Do you have any memorable or funny story from DSD that you could share? There are too many funny stories to mention. But a memorable moment would be coming 3rd as a team in the European club championships isn 2017
<img src="" alt="95615964_10157471134190292_3558388749857456128_n.jpg" /> 15. Can you share an old picture from your running days
<img src="" alt="95097545_10157471134460292_2399309383134609408_n.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="95327891_10157471134330292_462683538169266176_n.jpg" />

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