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Women's Mini Marathon Story

Since bursting onto the streets of Dublin in the summer of 1983, the Women’s Mini Marathon has seen over 1 million women take part in this high-profile athletics event, with the starting line a melting pot of accents from across Ireland and the UK!


At the front of the pack are elite competitors, vying for glory. Most who take part though, are there to raise funds for charities. Since 1983 an estimated €223 million (2021 values) has been raised by participants of the Women’s Mini Marathon for a host of worthy causes across the island of Ireland.

Since 2017, Vhi has been a strategic partner with DSD to organise and deliver the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon. Vhi has maintained its amazing support as the mini marathon went virtual for 2020 and 2021 and in 2022 the Vhi Mini Marathon came back to the streets.