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Days 2, 3 and 4 Dublin Juvenile Championships

They say that patience is a virtue, and this was proven by Andrew McGilton,, who won his first gold medal at 1500m (u.18) at the Dublin Juvenile Championships, with a comprehensive victory. The confidence gained by this win brought him to a new level with a huge personal best in the 800m at a Graded Meeting two days later in 1.56.59. There were many of our young athletes making big impressions at these championships and we look forward to seeing them all in action at National Championships. Congratulations to all! Results Day 2; 3 and 4 as follows: Hurdles: U.18 Boys 1st Robert U.17 Girls 1st Rachel U.15 Boys 1st Daniel U.17 Boys 2nd Eoghan U.16 Boys 2nd Oscar; 3rd Andrew U.13 Boys 2nd Fiachra; 3rd Conn 100m: U.16 Boys 1st Laurence U.18 Girls 1st May U.17 Boys 2nd Cal U.15 Boys 3rd Tom 200m: U.17 Girls 1st Rachel U.17 Boys 2nd Cal U.18 Girls 2nd Molly U.16 Boys 3rd Laurence U.15 Boys 2nd Cian; 3rd Tom 400m: U.17 Girls 1st Rachel U.18 Girls 3rd Molly 1500m: U.18 Boys 1st Andrew; 3rd Jamie U.18 Girls 2nd Isabella U.17 Boys 3rd Oscar Walks: U.18 3k 1st Ciara Wilson-Bowen U.15 2k 1st Isabella Hammer: U.17 1st Brian; 2nd Sami U.18 2nd Ernie U.16 2nd Aaron H.J: U.15 Girls 1st Lauryn; 2nd Alannah U.15 Boys 1st Daniel T.J: U.18 1st Molly U.15 2nd Daniel L.J: U.12 Boys 1st Cionnaodh U.13 Boys 2nd Oisin; 3rd Conn Shot: U.16 Girls 2nd Leyla U.13 Boys 3rd Conn Relay results: U18 Girls 4 x 100m 1st Rachel, Jeanne, Molly, May U18 Girls 4 x 400m 3rd Rachel, Ciara, May, Molly U12 Boys 4 x 100m 3rd Cionnaodh, Luca, Dylan, Ilario U16 Boys 4 x 100m 1st Oscar, Lawrence, Andrew, Sean U18 Boys 4 x 100m 2nd Eoghan, David, Robert, Jack U18 Boys 4 x 400m 1st Robert, Andrew, Eoghan, David U15 Girls 4 x 100m 2nd Lilah, Lauryn, Alice, Alannah U13 Boys 4 x 100m 1st Conn, Cillian, Conor, Fiachra U15 Boys 4 x 100m 1st Mason, Cian, Tom, Dan U17 Boys 4 x 100m 3rd Lawrence, Sean, Jack, Eoghan U17 Boys 4 x 400m 2nd Jack, Luca, Eoghan, Sean U19 Boys 4 x 400m 3rd David, Andrew, Robert, Javae

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