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How much does it cost?  €130 per annum.

What equipment do I need?  Runners and tracksuit.

What is expected of my parents? Encourage you, communicate with the coaches, ensure you get to training on time & are picked up on time. Help out now and then with Club events. 

Who are the coaches?  Peter Mathews, Ed Niland, Laura Sharpe, Gerry McGrath, Annette Kehoe, Gráinne Naidu, Tony Halloran, John Menton and Kelly Admirand plus occasional guest coaches.

Are they any good?  Too modest to say!


  • Tuesdays 6pm to 7pm

  • Thursdays 6pm to 7pm

  • Saturdays 11am to 12 noon

Where?  in our new DSD Athletics Sports Campus!

What does a training session look like? 500m slow jog, dynamic warm up, active game, athletic activity (some throwing, jumping, sprinting, running for distances), circuits for plyometrics, strength, mobility, 500m slow jog. Chat.


What if I am interested in getting more serious about athletics? You can move to one of the Club’s development groups (sprints/endurance/throws/ jumps).  You can always move back if that’s not for you.

Not everyone wants to be an elite!

DSD's Fit4Youth is an athletics programme for teenagers who may not necessarily be interested in competitive athletics…

How do I qualify to join? Be a teenager interested in getting fit and meeting other teenagers.


How do I join? Come and watch a training session and if you like what you see, register with the Club online.


Do I need to be fit? No. But you will get fitter!


Do I need to be any good? No. But there are lots of good athletes in the group. Also ones who are not so good :-) 


How does it work? Join the group for one hour training session twice a week


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