Terry Pennington of Santa Rita Wines introduces DSD’s Meet & Train to the history of wine making in the New World (23 November 2018)

Play Hard!

It is not all running.  Social events as simple as coffee and buns after a Saturday's speed work or an evening learning about wines from the New World, or the summer barbecue in our new sports campus.  Meet & Train loves to meet and socialise!  

DSD Meet & Train at the National Indoor Arena to do their Magic Mile in January 2019

But am I good enough to join Meet & Train?

To benefit from membership, ideally you should already be running 5km comfortably (fast or slow, it doesn't matter).  Every six months we have our Magic Mile where you run a mile as fast and as hard as you can to help you determine the most appropriate group for you within Meet & Train.  This form of torture is not obligatory! To get a taste for it, have a read of Sarah Colton's Summer 2021 Magic Mile report.

Maria McCambridge and Gary Crossan coaches for DSD’s Meet & Train

So, when and where do you meet & train? (this week's schedule)

The plan for each week of the year includes four sessions with group coaching: 

  • Tuesday at 6pm in Marlay Park or 7pm in UCD (speedwork) 

  • Thursday at 6pm in Marlay Park

  • Saturday at 9am for speedwork in St Enda's Park

  • Sunday at 10am for the long run in Marlay Park (College Road car park)


Speedwork training is by Olympian Maria McCambridge​ and serial Irish National Marathon Champion Gary Crossan.​

Weekday training takes place in Marlay Park from April to September.

DSD Meet & Train in the Dunshaughlin 10K

Work Hard!


We take part in the big races.  Some are there to win, others simply to cross the line, while the rest of us cheer them on from the sidelines!  You decide if you want to race. Our favourite has to be the Dublin Marathon. Have a read of this entertaining piece by John O'Grady about his first Dublin Marathon experience.


For 2022, we have the following races on our calendar:

We also have our M&T Curated Sunday Runs upcoming in the Spring and Summer. These are just like our normal long runs, but take place at different locations outside Marlay: mountains, beaches, lakes, deserts... well, not quite deserts, but desserts after the run are a certainty :-)

  • Sun 22 May - Up 'n Over @Marlay (climb 444m up through Kilmashogue to Three Rock and down the other side, returning to the park)

DSD Meet & Train at the Lead Mines in September 2021

Meet & Train: We meet up and we train.  Simple!

Want to improve your running but are already busy balancing work and family commitments? Meet & Train is DSD's endurance group for adults, and it just might suit you!  Our coached training takes place four times a week and has a healthy mix of speed work and long distance easy running.  We have a plan for every week of the year, and you participate to the degree that your personal circumstances allow or to the extent that you want to achieve targets, like completing a marathon or improving your time in your local Parkrun. Oh yeah, and you get to forge great friendships! And, by late summer 2022, you'll get access to one of  the best outdoor running tracks in the country!

DSD Meet & Train before the Dublin Marathon on 29 October 2018

I'm interested.  What next?

Just fill in the enquiry form here, and we will be in touch. Alternatively, pop up to meet us in the College Road car park of Marlay Park any Sunday at 10am, and run with us.  It's your chance to join one of the most exciting athletics clubs in the country. We don't bite. We love new members!

Adult Meet & Train