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Juvenile Track & Field League Two

DUBLIN COUNTY ATHLETIC BOARD JUVENILE LEAGUE 2 Saturday 30th April 2016 @ 10.30am Morton Stadium Santry 10.30am On Time Long Jump (2 pits) U/14 Girls 200m 10.30am – U/12 Girls & Boys U/14 Boys 200m 12 noon – U13 Girls & Boys U/15 Girls 200m U/15 Boys 200m U/16 Girls 200m U/16 Boys 200m 11.15am On Time High Jump U/10 Girls 200m 10.30am U/13 Girls U/10 Boys 200m 11.30am U/13 Boys U/11 Girls 200m 12.30pm U/12 Girls U/11 Boys 200m 1.30pm U/12 Boys U/12 Girls 200m U/12 Boys 200m Shot Putt U/13 Girls 200m 10.45am U/15/16 Girls U/13 Boys 200m 11.30am U/15/16 Boys 12 noon On Time Javelin U/14 Girls 1000m 12 noon U/14 Girls U/14 Boys 1000m 12.30pm U/14 Boys U/15 Girls 1000m 1.00pm U/13 Girls U/15 Boys 1000m 1.30pm U/13 Boys U/16 Girls 1000m U/16 Boys 1000m Turbo Javelin 10.30 am U/10 Girls 11.15 am U/10 Boys 12 noon U/11 Girls 12.45pm U/11 Boys  All track events decided on times.  3 throws/jumps per athlete  Clubs must nominate 2 officials in advance Programme & event order subject to change, to facilitate smooth running of competition. Officials will facilitate competitors if T&F events coincide, however athletes should make sure their names are on the field event list. Club vests must be worn and athletes MUST BE REGISTERED. Athletes can compete in all events in their age group <img src="" alt="U-11 G_Dublin Indoors_2015.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="20160214_134658.jpg" />

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