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Medals Galore at Dublin Indoor Relays!

Congratulations to our record number of relay teams in action at the weekend, in the Dublin Indoor Relay Championships, at the National Indoor Arena.    Well done to all our coaches for the great work in organising this large number of entries.   We can now look forward to the National Indoor Relays, with so many teams qualified.    Results and lots of photos below:         Mixed Relay U.17        (a)          1st        1.40.41 (b)         3rd       1.45.02                           Mixed Relay U.19 (a)          1st        1.41.06 (b)         4th       1.43.18   U.13 Girls        (a)        3rd        2.02.45                         (b)       6th        2.07.99   U.14 Girls        (a)        3rd        1.56.98                         (b)       6th        2.05.44   U.15 Girls        (a)        1st        1.48.49                         (b)       5th        1.58.32   U.16 Girls                    1st        1.48.09   U.17 Girls        (a)        2nd       1.48.03                         (b)       4th        1.53.62   U.18 Girls        (a)        1st        1.47.66                         (b)       2nd       1.50.12   U.14 Boys                    1st        1.52.67   U.17 Boys        (a)        2nd       1.38.33   U.18 Boys                    3rd        1.35.86   U.19 Boys                    2nd       1.35.27

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