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4-10 Sep

Marathon: If adding a 5th day of training - 40mins easy


UCD 7pm

marathon: 30min tempo +10 x200m stride outs. Recovery 3min/1min after 200’s.

others: 1500m @tempo, 2min rec., 10x200m @5k, 1min rec., 1500m @tempo

coach: Gary Crossan

DSD Sports Campus 6pm

same as marathoners in UCD, or 5LMS (route)

pacer: Declan Flanagan


DSD Sports Campus 6pm

marathon: 75min@ easy

others: 50mins @easy, 6x80m strides

pacer: Tadhg Sullivan


DSD Sports Campus 8:45am

marathon: 20x400m @10k effort, 1 min recovery

others: 10x400m @5k effort, 1 min recovery

coach: Maria McCambridge


Marlay Park 8am

same as 9am group

pacers: John Hosey, Martina Power, Simon Cotter

Marlay Park  9am

marathon: 2:30 @easy

others: 80-90mins @easy

pacer: Tadhg Sullivan

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