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Meet & Train: We meet up and we train.  Simple!

05-11 Jun


UCD 7pm

20min tempo, 3min rec., 3k @10k

coach: Gary Crossan

DSD Sports Campus 6pm

5NS (route)

pacer: Declan Flanagan


DSD Sports Campus 6pm

50mins @easy,  6x15s hill strides

pacer: Tadhg Sullivan


DSD Sports Campus 8:45am

1600m with jog the bends and stride the straights, 2/3mins rec., 2x1k @5k, 2min rec. 3x800m @a little faster than 5k, 2min rec., 4x400m @1mile, 1min rec.

coach: Maria McCambridge


DSD On Tour - Hellfire

Marlay Park (Grange road car park) 8am

8 miles @easy hills

pacer: Cynthia O'Neill

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