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2021 Dublin Championship T&F Results.

Parent/Athlete, Well done to all the athletes who competed in the recent 2021 Dublin T&F Championships. It was stretched over 11 competition days and thankfully DSD had a strong presence at the Championships throughout and number of great performances. So big congratulations to all athletes you did yourselves and DSD proud! Parents, I’m sure you will join me with a big thank you and congratulations to the Coaches for their unending dedication and enthusiasm in preparing all athletes to give their best performances on the day. Their work isn’t done just yet! Attached are the full results on the 11 days ( Click here for Results ). DSD Athletes are highlighted and those highlighted in green are the All Ireland T&F Championship qualifiers. It should be noted it is assumed all qualifiers are available to attend the All Ireland Championships which are scheduled on 7th, 8th and 14th August. If any athlete is unable to attend, they should email immediately to withdraw from their event. Withdrawals need to be notified by tomorrow (Wednesday 21st July). To date we don’t have the schedule of events for these days, and the Venue is yet to be confirmed but we will issue a notice once that information becomes available. Finally, thank you to all parents for your support over the previous year. It has been challenging in many ways but thankfully and hopefully we are past the worst of it. Most groups are taking their summer break now, except those who qualified for the All Ireland who will continue with their preparation for the National Championships. I will sign off with some other good news regarding the development of the DSD AC’s future home, the work on the new track has started and fingers crossed it will be ready by the summer of 2022. Full details can be viewed here ( ) On behalf of DSD I wish to thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you after the summer. Yours in sport. Damien Moran – DSD AC

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