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Abbie Taylor – the Virtual Interview

Today we have Abbie Taylor, u23 endurance star, who has recently taken up an athletics scholarship to the University of New Mexico.
<img src="" alt="95734492_10157488356115292_22218690455928832_n.jpg" /> When and why did you join DSD AC? I joined in first year of school. I came fourth at the Brother Invitational school race and Eddie told me to come train with DSD! What was your best event and what event did you like best? My favorite event is the 3k so far. I have never raced a 5k but I think that it will be my best event in the future! What is your favourite training workout? Definitely tempo runs along the Rio Grande in Albuquerque. The last mile feels never ending and the altitude burns your lungs but for some reason I love it! And your least favourite? I hate any session on a spin bike. They kill my legs! What is your most cherished or proudest moment in your athletics career? Probably coming 4th at the European Clubs cross country. It was a really fun trip and we ran great as a team. I was disappointed at the time to just miss out on the medals but it was a really close race!
<img src="" alt="image0-1.png" /> What is your most loved athletics sporting moment of all time ? Watching Weini Kelati win the NCAA cross country. She is my teammate and a really good friend, I have never seen anyone work as hard as she does! I’ll never get over her determination in that race! What is your favourite race / athletics meet to take part in? I always loved the SIABs (Schools international cross country) It was always really fun and the competition was really good. I loved the Edinburgh cross country, the atmosphere was amazing and we had a good few DSD athletes race for Ireland in that. What was your worst injury – and how did you get over it? I’ve had my fair share of injury’s but definitely the worst one was tearing ligaments in my ankle. There was a lot of rehab and even more tears! What do you eat before a race and how long before do you eat?
Like the majority of runners I have porridge and toast before a race. Usually around 3 hours before I race.
<img src="" alt="95847079_10157488355930292_9062719979148804096_n.jpg" /> If you could have dinner with 3 sporting personalities past or present who would you pick Micheal Jordan.
Usain Bolt.
Conor McGregor What is your next running / athletics goal? I want to have a good cross country season in America and hopefully help my team to win a national title at the NCAA’s. Hopefully there will be a short track season this summer and I can run some PBs. How are you motivating yourself to continue training at these difficult times? My days have been really boring so running is definitely the highlight! It’s definitely harder without people to train with but we’re lucky that running is a sport that you can do by yourself. What piece of advice would you give an aspiring athlete? RELAX!! (Something I still need to do). Leave room for improvement. Just because a competitor does X amount of training does not mean that you have to do the same. Consistency will pay off in the long term. Do you have any memorable or funny story from DSD that you could share? I have a lot of funny stories but one of my favorites is the 2016 DSD Christmas party at the Barracks. Let’s just say that the junior boy’s team really enjoyed that night! Can you share an old picture from your running days Here’s me winning my first all Ireland😝
<img src="" alt="96083897_10157488356085292_348499869805051904_n.jpg" />

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