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Avril breaks the World Record!

Over the weekend we were delighted to learn that World Masters Athletics officially confirmed that DSD’s Avril Dillon is a World Record Holder! The day of glory was 11th March 2023 and Avril was performing in the W40 60 metres Hurdles at the Indoor Leinster Championships in Abbotstown. Avril recalls that she “felt in the best form of my life” and “was hurdling again like I did as a kid playing out on the streets and hurdling my neighbour’s wall.” Those neighbours can now boast that their hitherto humble garden wall has played its role in achieving a world record in athletics! With the 200 metres later in the day weighing on her mind, she focused her attention on the 60 metres Hurdles, one of her favourites, to get her into the zone. And into the zone she went, blasting over the finish line with a time of 8.68 seconds, smashing both the Irish and the World Records! As for the 200 metres, now in the zone, she polished that off with 25.66 seconds, breaking the long-standing Irish record of Maeve Kyle! World Records are precious things, and are guarded jealously, so it can take the system a while for the achievement to be confirmed at the World Masters Athletics HQ. Over this past weekend, HQ duly delivered: a new World Record. In a day’s work, Avril notched off two more Irish records (yes, she has others) and now a world record! See the official record on World Masters Athletics site (go to page 4) Thankfully Kevin Byrne was at hand with the phone to capture the moment (thanks Kevin!) while Shane roared his support! Congratulations Avril! A terrific achievement for you and for all of us in DSD!

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