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Bronze for Ciara at National Indoors!

Ciara Wilson Bowen is making a very smooth transition to senior walking, with a great 3rd place finish at the National Senior Indoor Championships yesterday, in the National Indoor Arena. Georgie Hartigan led in the 800m but was out sprinted on the last lap by Louise Shanahan and had to be happy with a second place finish. Mollie O’Reilly 60m; Kate Doherty 60m hurdles and our women’s 4 x 200m relay team also won bronze medals.   Well done to all!   60m                             3rd Mollie O’Reilly 7.48;  8th Kate Doherty 7.65   60m H                          3rd Kate Doherty 8.35 (8.28 Heat)   800m                           2nd Georgie Hartigan (2.05.35)   3000m W                     3rd Ciara Wilson Bowen (14.39.53)   4x200m                        3rd Aobh Forde; Adina Gheorghia, Leila Halpin; Katie Magee   Pole Vault                     5th Una Samuels (2.70)   3000m Men                  7th Declan O’Meara (8.39.76) 3000m Women            9th Eimear Maher (9.48.64)

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