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Call to Volunteer – Twilight Challenge

<img src="" alt="" /> Dear Members / Parents Our club will host the 2nd Spirit Motor Group 5k Twilight Team Challenge on Thursday 29th September this year . The race will take place at 7.30pm in Sandyford Industrial Estate.

This is a very important race for our club both in helping to finance new equipment and facilities for all our members in our new location at St. Thomas and in engaging with key local stakeholders for DSD AC.

In order to develop Twilight Team Challenge into an exceptional race experience which will grow year on year, a team of club volunteers have been working for a number of months to organise the race.

Now we need your support. Just over 120 volunteers and personnel are required to deliver the event on race day alone. In the days preceding the race we will also be reliant on DSD members in packing the race goody bags and with the pre-race registration process.

Outlined below are the times and locations where volunteers are required. We would greatly appreciate if you can give your time on one or more of these activities. Please note there will be no training on race day Thursday 29thSeptember in order for all club members and supporters to help with this event.

PLEASE email with your name, contact no. and dates/activities for which you are available. You will be contacted with more specific instructions close to the date [directions, team lead contact, any other requirements]. We’d love if you could pin up posters or circulate flyers to encourage entries for the Twilight 5k. Copies of posters and flyers available in Marlay Park changing rooms or by contacting Niamh. Yours faithfully,

Declan Ryan.
Chairman DSDAC
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