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David Gillick – the Virtual Interview

He was a master on the track and in the kitchen; this evening it’s David Gillick.
<img src="" alt="96020513_10158406494803851_4448871229939515392_n.jpg" /> 1. When and why did you join DSD AC? I followed my brother and sisters footstep and joing the club which was located at the end of our road back when I was about 8, so that was around 1991!! 2. What was your best event and what event did you like best Mainly the short sprints, I was fast and I think I enjoyed being competitive and it was over quickly! I also loved relays, it was great to have team mates, you got a different kick out of the sport when there was other involved. 3. What is your favourite training workout? The old session of 6 x 120m from the top tree to the big old tree in front of Marlay House. Always felt super-fast on the “track” 4. And your least favourite? As I progressed in the sport, the sessions got a little tougher and a little more serious. One session that would keep me awake at night was 450,350,250 and then 350,250,150. We would have targets for all reps except he last 150m, its was simply AQAP – as quick as possible! It was big session, but one, when done well, gave you a clear indication of where you were at. 5. What is your most cherished or proudest moment in your athletics career? I’m fortunate to have won a couple of medals, and nothing can take away the pride of getting to the top of the podium and hearing your national anthem, it’s the stuff of dreams. However, for me I always dreamt of making it to a global sprint final and in 2009 I achieved that finishing 6th. No medal unfortunately, but it’s a moment I’ll never forget. 6. What is your most loved athletics sporting moment of all time ? Easy one, and probably because it had a huge effect on me, but Usain Bolt winning the World Junior 200m in Kingston, Jamaica. He was only 16 and witnessing that in a packed stadium full of Jamaican shouting “Bolt, Bolt Bolt” just blew my mind. I decided there and then, I’m packing in all other sport and becoming an athlete! 7. What is/was your favourite race / athletics meet to take part in? Good question! I think I’d say the either Monaco or Rome Golden league meets. Monaco, well because it was Monaco and very unique. As space is at a premium in Monte Carlo, the stadium is actually on top of a massive recreation and shopping centre. My hotel balcony overlooked the famous hairpin bend on the Formula One Grand Prix route, and just across from the famous Hotel De Paris….surreal! Second was Rome, the Olympics Stadium. Just so much history and the stadium where Italy knocked Ireland out of the 1990 World Cup. The warm up track is very cool. It’s like something out of the film Gladiator, with these massive statues of gladiators lining the outside of the track, very Roman and a great place to do battle! It was also the place where I asked Michael Johnston for an autograph and he said no….but that’s a different story!!
<img src="" alt="95204322_10158406521298851_7418098936184832000_n.jpg" /> 8. What was your worst injury – and how did you get over it? I tore my soleus muscle back in 2011. It was my first big injury and as a result I ended up missing the 2012 Olympics. The people closet to me help me recover, from family to my coach and key service providers like my physio. It so important to open and honest with the people you trust the most and for me with those people to help give me a plan to believe in and follow I simply would have just focused on the outcome, not the process. 9. What do/did you eat before a race and how long before did/do you eat? I kept it very simple and always the same. Generally it came down to race time. Mornings it was just porridge with yogurt and fruit. Lunch and dinner its was simple pasta with a tomato sauce and chicken. The days leading up we important and I would try to eat plenty of veg, fish and hydrate/carb up with fruit like pineapple and melon! 10. If you could have dinner with 3 sporting personalities past or present who would you pick Roy Keane, Mick McCarty and Eamon Dunphy. Fight, fight, fight!! 11. What is your next running / athletics goal? Right now, it’s just keeping fit. Don’t really have any set goal, I just enjoyed running, getting out into the fresh air. I like to do 5km, so in time try and improve my pb and get under 18min…need to find some slow twitch fibres! I have two kids now, Oscar and Olivia, so I would them to get involved with athletics so maybe I can help them in time. 12. How are you motivating yourself to continue training at these difficult times? Keeping it simple and practical. It’s hard with everyone at home, trying to work and entertain the kids, so there are good days where I can get out and some days I cant. I imply try to keep to a routine and do it early or late in the day, mainly when the kids are in bed. We have a little bit of space in the garden so I try to bodyweight exercises on alternate days. 13. What piece of advice would you give an aspiring athlete? Back yourself. Confidence is the most important thing so don’t be afraid to give it a go, whatever that is. Expect setbacks, injuries, loss of form and defeats. When young, these are great ways to build resilience which will have a positive effect not only on your athletics but also you life. Embrace it! 14. Do you have any memorable or funny story from DSD that you could share? OK, I’m not sure of the exact details, but we were traveling home after a competition, I think either Tullamore or Nenagh. We stopped for a toilet break at a road side hotel, we all went in and I can’t remember who started it, but I know it wasn’t me! A soap and water fight broke out in the bathroom, probably about 15 of us all involved…soaked! We then all walked back to the bus to the shock or Liz and Eddie, fair to say it was a long trip home! 15. Can you share an old picture from your running days
<img src="" alt="95712323_10158406521973851_8250702153518153728_o.jpg" />

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