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DSD AC Membership Renewal 2023

Dear member, It’s that time of year again and membership renewal for 2023 is due and can be completed via Clubforce. Registration will be open from January 3rd and membership fees can be paid online - in full or in 3 staged payments (1st payment at registration stage and the next two payments on the same date for the next two months). You can submit your registration and payment on our member portal by clicking here . Click on the box " Registrations Click Here" Here are the membership categories and rates for 2023: Thank you all for your continued support of DSD AC. 2023 promises to be the start of an exciting phase in the expansion of the Club and the ongoing development of our athletes as we move into our new home at DSD Campus. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or need assistance with registration. Wishing you all a peaceful, safe, happy and healthy 2023. Yours in sport Membership Team DSD AC

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