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DSD Spike Mountain – A place to recycle your pre-loved spikes!

Do you have old running spikes lying in a corner neglected and unused?  Why not donate them to DSD Spike Mountain?   Spike Mountain is DSD’s Recycling Centre for your Pre-loved Spikes.  We will take your spikes and re-home them with a future DSD Olympian!   We are continually looking for stock and would love to take your ‘pre-loved’ running spikes off your hands.  Especially small sizes, as we are currently out of stock.  All we ask is that they are in a wearable condition.  So, dig them out, bag ‘em and drop them at the DSD Campus on a training night.  Alternatively, contact Vigetta Moran ( ) to arrange drop off.     Purchasing from Spike Mountain: Members/Parents, DSD Spike Mountain  is DSD’s recycling centre for ‘pre-loved’ running spikes.  Old worn spikes are removed from the shoe, and the shoes are brought back to life with a good scrub and clean – as good as new!  And all for €5!!!   If interested contact Vigetta Moran ( ) with your size request.   Please note it can be ‘potluck’ the size you’re looking for is in stock.  But you could be lucky!   DSD Singlets: Also, if your athlete has out grown their DSD Singlet, we would love to take it off your hands too.  Very often we need singlets for athletes to borrow at competitions, especially if there is a stock issue with the suppliers.  If you have a spare singlet, please bring it to the track at next training – these can be given to Sharon/Vigetta/Damien (or any Club official to pass on).  Donated singlets will not be for purchase but for borrowed use at a competition.  DSD Singlets are available for purchase from Dundrum South Dublin Athletics Club - Team Wear

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