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Dublin Indoor Championships

Many thanks for the selection of photos taken by parents (mainly Eoin Dunphy). Official results will be included as soon as available. (NOW INCLUDED) Thanks also to the large number of parents who helped out at these championships, your great work was much appreciated. U.19 Girls 1500m 1st Grace Dervan 5.01.66 200m 2nd Nicole Gallagher 27.07 400m 2nd Orla Walsh 63.63 T.Jump 2nd Tai Daly 8.76 U.18 Girls 200m: 1st Molly Hourihan 25.76 400m: 1st Molly Hourihan (no time) 17 Girls 800m: 1st Corrine Kenny 2.19.46; 3rd Faye Dervan 2.30.40 1500m:1st Corrine Kenny (no time) Shot P: 1st Emma Roche 8.11 U.16 Girls 60m H 1st Laura Gallagher 9.37; 2nd Cara Murphy 9.81 800m 1st Aimee Kenna 1500m 1st Eimear Maher; 7th Eabha Nally U.15 Girls H.Jump: 1st Claudia Moran 1.40 Shot P: 1st Claudia Moran 8.39 60mH: 3rd Claudia Moran 10.23 U.14 Girls Shot P: 1st Abbie Kennedy 10.47 H.Jump: 2nd Ellie Dunphy 1.40; 3rd Molly Mullally 1.30 60m: 3rd Abbie Kennedy 8.52; 4th Molly Mullally 8.62 60mH: 3rd Abbie Kennedy 10.09 U.13 Girls 60mH: 1st Georgia O’Keeffe 10.85 60m: 3rd Georgia O’Keeffe 8.90 Shot P: 1st Georgia O’Keeffe 7.01 H.Jump:3rd Georgia O’Keeffe 1.25 L.Jump:1st Georgia O’Keeffe 4.20 600m: 3rd Ally O’Sullivan 1.53.8; 4th Grace Prenter U.12 Girls L.Jump: 2nd Darcy Hutter 3.91 60m: 2nd Hutter 8.89; 3rd Rachel Byrne 9.00 U.18 Boys L.Jump: 1st Charlie Thornton 5.27 T.Jump: 2nd Charlie Thornton 11.01 60mH: 2nd Luke Curtis 10.85 400m: 2nd Ben Jones 52.22 800m: 3rd Ben Jones 1.58.43; 4th Brian Maguire 2.00.36 1500m: 3rd Brian Maguire 4.20.97; 6th William Kinsella 4.49.22 U.17 Boys 60mH 1st Liam Jenkins 9.71 H.Jump 1st Liam Jenkins 1.70 60m 3rd Patrick Tucker 7.41; 4th Gavin Doran 200m 2nd Patrick Tucker 23.18 U.16 Boys 60mH 1st Cian Dunne 9.63 800m 1st Morgan Clarkson 2.07.85 1500m 1st Morgan Clarkson 4.24.91; 8th Luke Kelly 5.08.97 60m 2nd Cian Dunne 7.73 200m 2nd Cian Dunne 24.74 U.15 Boys 60mH 1st David Bosch 10.18 U.14 Boys 800m 2nd Jamie Byrne 2.23.2 60mH 3rd Robert Hayes U.13 Boys H.Jump 1st Cillian O’Sullivan 1.30 Shot P 2nd Max Broch 7.29 U.12 Boys Shot P: 1st Joe Kennedy 7.69 <img src="" alt="Aliinaction_iOS.jpg" /> <img src="" alt="Aimee1st_iOS.jpg" /> <img src="" alt="Corinne&amp;FayiOS.jpg" /> <img src="" alt="Cian1st_iOS.jpg" /> <img src="" alt="Pappy2nd_iOS.jpg" /> <img src="" alt="MollyHourihan1st_iOS.jpg" /> <img src="" alt="Morgan800m_iOS.jpg" /> <img src="" alt="Claudia1st_iOS.jpg" /> <img src="" alt="D.BoschAA.jpg" /> <img src="" alt="LauraandCara.JPG" /> <img src="" alt="little boy in action_iOS.jpg" /> <img src="" alt="Nicole2nd_iOS.jpg" /> <img src="" alt="young girls 2nd and 3rd.jpg" /> <img src="" alt="Ben3rd (2).jpg" /> <img src="" alt="BeckyCarthy.jpg" /> <img src="" alt="Georgia1st_iOS.jpg" /> <img src="" alt="Molly&amp;Ellie_iOS.jpg" /> <img src="" alt="LiamJenkins.JPG" /> <img src="" alt="Boymedalwinner_iOS.jpg" />

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