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Dublin Juv Indoor Championships Day 5 Relays SUNDAY 26th Feb 2023 National Indoor Arena, Abbotstown

Hi all, We are looking forward to the Relays on Day 5 of the Dublin Juvenile Indoor Championships this coming Sunday ! With over 400 relay teams entered across all clubs – it will be a busy schedule on the day! We would advise you to come prepared with sufficient food and drinks for the day and to be patient as the relays progress throughout the day. Thank you to those who have already put your name forward to volunteer – we do need additional volunteers to fulfil our required allocation and we hope you will be generous with your time if you have not already communicated your availability. Please be kind and considerate to all volunteers and officials on the day – without them there would be no competition. We ask you to read the following information carefully for all of the relevant competition details. Dublin Juvenile Indoor Championships Day 5 Relays Sunday 26th February 2023 National Indoor Arena, Abbotstown ***** IMPORTANT ***** RELAYS ARE A TEAM EVENT - FAILURE TO ATTEND WILL IMPACT ALL MEMBERS OF THAT TEAM If athletes are selected for a Relay Team and have confirmed their availability with their Coach, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that athlete attends. If for any reason you cannot attend, please advise your Coach immediately (or email ). If withdrawing, where possible please allow sufficient time for the Team to find a replacement! Relay Team Selection : Relay Teams are selected by the group’s respective Coaches and athletes will be informed when they are selected for the relay squad. Coaches are currently finalising the availability of their athletes, once these are confirmed we will issue a full listing of all Relay Teams. Please be patient while our Coaches complete this process. If not selected this time around, please don’t be disappointed, it could mean we don’t have sufficient numbers to field a Team for your athlete. The Outdoor T&F Championships will be coming up soon and you will be given every opportunity to try out for a relay again. ARRIVAL TIME: Athletes should arrive at least 1 hour 15 mins before their scheduled event, this is to allow time to: check in with the DSD Official seated in the stand. access to the warm-up area at the specified time with their Team/Coach. assemble at designated time for the event. Please let us know ASAP if anything changes over the weekend – as relays are a team event it will affect the other 3 runners on the team. FINALS will be run where there are 6 teams or less. Please note the schedule may be subject to change. DSD vest must be worn when competing. Please see links below: Day 5 Schedule (revised as of 20/02/23) PARKING Please park in designated areas only – NO PARKING on GRASS AREAS, KERBS or ROADWAYS leading to the ARENA Admission for spectators €5 - wrist band MUST be worn at all times. Please be advised, the timetable is subject to change without notice, events could be earlier or later than the scheduled time. Please remember that all officials are volunteers and to respect their requests and direction during the Championships Please don’t hesitate to make contact if you have any questions Wishing all of our athletes the very best of luck! Yours in Sport Sharon Wilson Director of Athletic Operations

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