Dublin Uneven Age Cross Country Championships – Santry 5th November.

<img src="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/5686de32a12f44306f7d3586/1508518860558-BMOEEFQVBWPE52D391HQ/Cross%2BCountry_open_start_576_319.jpg" alt="Cross+Country_open_start_576_319.jpg" /> The Dublin Uneven Age Cross Country Championships will be held in Santry Park (the Park next to Morton Stadium) on 05/11/17. All entries must pre-register on or before the Deadline of Tuesday 24th October. Please notify your coach or email David Bradshaw (dsdbradshaw@gmail.com) with your entry and include the following information in your email: · Athletes name and gender. · Athletes date of birth. · Athletes coach. The distances for the Dublin Even Age XC Championships are: · U9 (Born 2009): 800m · U11 (Born 2007): 1500m · U13 (Born 2005): 2500m · U15 (Born 2003): 3500m · U17 (Born 2001): G=4000m & B=5000m NOTE: If you have not completed the renewal of your club registration, please go to our website and complete the re-registration without further delay, as this may affect your entry to the Dublin XC Championships.